New Relic Gems

Welcome to the Github repository of New Relic, Inc!

Here you’ll find all source code and programmer documentation for the following gems:


The newrelic_rpm gem is our Ruby agent for the New Relic application. For more information on RPM go to Refer to our API Docs for details on how to customize RPM for your application.


The newrelic_api contains documentation and examples on our public APIs, and includes ActiveResource helpers. Details and documentation are best viewed here.

Experimental Projects

These are unsupported projects meant to be forked and modified for monitoring systems not currently covered in the core Gem.


The rpm_contrib gem contains instrumentation for various frameworks including Camping, Resque, Paperclip and Authlogic, contributed by New Relic users. Refer to the README file for details.


The newrelic_ia gem provides a stand-alone ruby daemon for monitoring system metrics including disk io, network io, and CPU as well as memcached statistics. For more information, refer to the README file.