Proxy Support

The telemetry SDK includes support for HTTP proxies via environment variables and on MacOS / Windows via operating system registry as described in the Python getproxies documentation.

HTTP Proxy

The telemetry SDK only supports HTTPS over HTTP proxies. Therefore, the proxy must be configured using the https_proxy environment variable and the configured URL must have the scheme http.


export https_proxy="http://myproxy.localhost:3128"

Authenticated HTTP Proxy

The telemetry SDK supports proxy credentials sent over basic auth. To use proxy authentication, the credentials should be specified in the https_proxy environment variable URL.


Proxy credentials are sent in plaintext via an HTTP header. Any attacker with access to the network transporting the proxy credentials will be able to observe the proxy credentials. New Relic credentials are never sent in plaintext.


export https_proxy="http://username:password@myproxy.localhost:3128"